How Technology Has Changed The Lives Of Average People

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Many people often think of technology in big ways, such as how it allowed us to travel into space, but technology has probably had a much larger effect on people in their individual lives. Here are a few examples.

Think about what it was like 100 years ago. For example, photography was still a luxury and most people got a family portrait at once maybe every couple of years. Nowadays, however, most people carry around not just a still Read the rest of this entry »

How Student Life Has Changed Because Of Technology

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Everyone knows that student life has changed with the advancement of technology, but few people realize exactly how much it has changed. Keep reading to find out more about how students are taking their education to whole new levels through the use of technology.

Laptops started being a new student requirement at some universities over a decade ago, but they are required at far more schools now. Students who choose to attend schools where laptops are not required tend to buy them anyway; it Read the rest of this entry »

Some Possible Future Scenarios Involving Technology

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Some Possible Future Scenarios Involving Technology

What To Expect In The Years To Come
Technology is improving at a rapid rate. All one has to do is look back one hundred years in order to see the full scope of the rate of technology. In addition, we live in a very transitional time. Moreover, technology and science are pushing our society forward in an extremely futuristic fashion. Imagine showing Einstein a smartphone. To be Read the rest of this entry »

The Impact Of Technology On The Average Person’s Life

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The technological revolution seems to keep happening with greater speed and efficiency as the years pass. What seemed like an impossibility 20 short years ago is now something like a smartphone that people keep in their pockets. From space flight to medical breakthroughs, technology plays an important role in the life of every person on earth.

The average life span for an American male is approximately 80 years, so he will live through many advances in science and technology during his life span. Some of the diseases that were prevalent when he was born Read the rest of this entry »

Such a Smaller, Lonelier Internet World

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Most of us have the internet in our lives, it’s kind of hard not to, really, when you stop and think about it. You might get your internet from a different provider – you might like Cox while I go to sites like for my internet needs – but the fact is that we still have it in our lives. And, in many ways the world has almost been figuratively shrunk to the point where we can chat up almost anyone from around the world. No distance, no charges. And yet, somehow while we have been shrinking the distance we have also been widening the gap between us.

Human beings are social creatures.

You might say that we do a fair amount of socializing online, and I could not argue against that. However, I could argue the fact that a face-to-face meeting or encounter is substantially more different than an instant message or a text. Because not only are we social creatures, but we are physical creatures as well – we need to be around one another. When we aren’t, we feel the loneliness. That’s why, even though the internet might have shrank the world, it has also isolated us and we feel it each and every day.

Why Some Distance From Technology Is Important

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Distancing ourselves from technology can be one of the best things we can do. From taking a break from e-mailing, text messaging and social media sites, it can be very rejuvenating and peaceful.

Why is some distance from technology so important?

Better sleep: In order to get better sleep sometimes, we must distance ourselves from the TV, computer or even our phone. When we can clear our mind before bed, we can get better sleep.

More Read the rest of this entry »

How Taking A Break From Technology Can Be Rejuvenating

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When it comes to technology, a lot of people need it in order to communicate with others or to take care of work related matters. Though technology can be great, it’s so important to limit your usage and to take breaks from it once and a while.

How can taking a break from technology be rejuvenating?

Relaxing: If you’d like to feel more relaxed, unplug your phone and your computer. By not having to respond to e-mail, calls or even text Read the rest of this entry »

How Technology Can Make Us Feel Alienated

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There are numerous ways as to how technology can make us feel alienated. We are now simultaneously closer and more distant than ever before. We can communicate with a friend down the street in an instant, yet we are still not in their presence. With the advent of social networking websites, we are able to communicate with people from around the world in real-time. People in the United States can set up a live camera Read the rest of this entry »

The Value Of Tradition In A Quickly Changing World

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In this age of massive technology use, there is still a pining for the past that is taking place among many generations. Very few people would disagree that technology has made life easier and safer. However, life can also be made calmer and gentler without the use of some technological advances.

Technological progress is what one makes it. A television, for instance, gives one immediate access to important news, weather and entertainment. However, the television has also become a babysitter for children and a reason to not go outside and Read the rest of this entry »

How People Are Rediscovering The Old Ways

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As the world spins into the future and doomsday becomes a popular discussion in every community, people talk about how to return to the old ways of life before technology. What happens in an extreme economic collapse? What happens if people must live without power for one year? What happens during a disaster and how do we survive as a human race? This is the reason for community gardens, home gardens, food storage and learning to live without Read the rest of this entry »